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Friday, June 10, 2005

The Da Vinci Code...Just not that Good

The Da Vinci Code - I'm tired of it

I read the Da Vinci Code sometime last year and I wasn't that impressed. I mean, as a writer, I'm happy for Dan Brown and I suppose I'll excuse the fact that he straight stole his content from existing books, including the fact that his characters names are anagrams of the writers of one of his source books--that he does not credit. OK, so I don't really excuse it, but I'm happy for the guy getting bank for his book. My issue is simple...

In my humble opinion, it's just not that good.

I'm a Harry Potter fan and I'm always amazed at the issues that people have with those books...from educators, to scholars, to literary uppity-ups, to ministers, church officials, deacons, school teachers...on and on. Some people don't think its a great idea that kids are so obsessed with reading those books. Same goes for church folks. On and on. List after list after list of why the books shouldn't' be read. I like the books a lot... so, I'm wondering why folks aren't screaming about The DaVinci Code. It's been in the top ten forever...and people are making pilgrimages to historic sites to view the "history" behind this story. It's ridiculous. Sure, it's interesting what Dan Brown borrows and fictionalizes...and if that lights a fire under you and you want to go track down the truth about Jesus...you do that. My issue is that the book is boring. Characters are two dimensional, the story if flat in a lot of places, and the whole church conspiracy with the albino guy... played out.

Here's my deal. Da Vinci probably knew about as much about Jesus Christ as I know about Leonardo DaVinci. The man was born 1400 years after Christ died. Folks are coming up with theories that Abe Lincoln was gay now...and he's not been dead 200 years. Point is, DaVinci could have said that Christ was the world's first internet designer and that he not Al Gore invented the internet... he wouldn't know. It had only been 14 centuries before him...or about 45 generations which ever you'd prefer... I don't care who DaVinci rubbed elbows with... he was speculating on anything he would say about Jesus.

Kind of got off track. The Da Vinci Code, to me, was a boring read. I wasn't enthralled at all...and I wish people who believe that Brown is a genius, would read Holy Blood, Holy Grail or Bloodline of the Holy Grail...books that predated The DaVinci Code and made these claims twenty years ago. (A side note is that those books have been shot down as being based on hoaxes as well...but that's beside the point).

And for the folks complaining that seven year olds are excited about reading a 900+ page book about Harry Potter... take aim instead on 40 year olds who are having to change their underwear over a mediocre regurgitation.

Feeling bitter tonight... Reggie


  • I thought the book Sucked big time. I culd hardly get though it, and gave it to a frined saying I didn't want it back.
    I had never read one of his books, and I was so turned off by his really bad writing, I'm not sure I want to read another. (Just not my cup of tea)

    By Blogger Sam, at 6:15 AM  

  • HHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEE-HHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEE Finally.... a real review. I have read both the books you mentioned as precursors and the only reason I think the Da Vinci Code went big is because it was fiction and not non-fiction like the Bloodlines books. I, too, was not that into it. I liked Angels and Demons better. But, defying my opinion again, the sucker shot to the charts and stayed there... LG

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:53 PM  

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