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Wednesday, July 27, 2005


OK, so I haven't posted in awhile...

I've been: writing, working, editing, trying to sleep.

That's pretty much it. I got so frustrated this week trying to work in a new intro to my latest book that I just about stopped the thing all together to start on something else. I just couldn't get anything to work... and it's been too hot to go outside and do anything at all... and work's been waaaay too busy...

But now I'm trying to get back on track. Manuscript one is away and I'm waiting to hear back. Manuscript three is in the rewrite phase, which is actually not that bad of a process, it's just depressing to be back at Chapter One... Still fun to write, but it would be better if I were much further into the thing...

So, I have Tourette's Syndrome (the thing where people curse and scream and stuff w/o being able to control it)...mine is really mild and I don't curse or anything and most people don't notice that I even have tics... But anyway, this week, my Tourette's has been worse and I have had a couple of vocal tics...which is strange b/c it's so rare for me. Today I was trying to call a co-worker who's name is David and I said "College". Strange. I've had a couple of other things... tongue tied kind of things. More funny than frightening. Just odd things...

So there's me and what I've been up to... Not even sure if anyone is still checking my blog... I've been away for SO damn long...

Night folks.


  • How's work Reggie? :)

    By Anonymous Robbie, at 11:09 PM  

  • I jinxed you didn't I?? It had to be me...I just said last week that it had got much better, and now look at it....sorry, didn't mean to make you think about it more....next time I'll just ask you "how's work"...seems safer. :O)

    By Anonymous Wonderoo, at 3:32 PM  

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