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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Observations on Me.

* I read NBA news everyday. Everyday. Why I do this I'm not sure. I don't like watching the games anymore really and the number of full games I watch in a season could probably be counted on one hand.

* My wife and I have two cars. One is a Daewoo that I wish would spontaneously combust or something b/c it's got issues, and the other seems to be having some transmission issues or something. I have to drive to work everyday...like 30 miles each direction so a car is important. My schedule changed and it is not even close to what anyone else I know works so I can't bum a ride.

* There was a time in my life that I smoked when I was hanging out with people, never regularly at all, and never craving one. It wasn't for the great enjoyment of smoking, but really just to have something in my hands. I hate smoking and it is the most annoying habit that a person could have, and I complain about people who smoke in my walking path in to work. But sometimes, just sometimes, smelling a cigarette makes me want to take a drag.

* I look at myself in the mirror and obsess that I am too fat. I do this every time I pass a mirror.

* I look at myself in the mirror and I like my arms and biceps. I obsess about that too.

* I have mild Tourette's so I obsess about a lot of things...like making certain I put this in so that people realize that obsession is part of who I am and not just me trying to be cute.

* Sometimes when there are sweets in my fridge I will eat waaaay more than I want, all of them if I can, just so that I don't have to think about them anymore.

* Sometimes when I'm by myself at work, either in a long hallway or in the bathroom I make up stories where I'm some kind of spy and I picture myself running from people...and sometimes I'm pretend I'm carrying a gun. That gun has been a lightsaber on more than one occasion.

* I didn't really read a real book cover to cover until I was ten. It was Pet Symatary.

* This is oddly therapeutic and that fact scares me and makes me hate that we as a society, me in particular, can't just suck it up like folks used to.


  • Funny enough, some of these things could be on a checklist for me too.

    Except, on my spy missions I don't need a gun. I rely on my strength and awesome martial arts skills... I am the original Sydney Bristow, before the show turned to suckiness.

    By Blogger Kebibi, at 11:29 AM  

  • Hey Reggie, Happy Belated Birthday. Tell me about feeling old. I have a few other observations I could share at a later date. And this post was great. I think we all have the spy mission thing going on, especially if we are writers... LG

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:17 PM  

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