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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Interesting Patterns to Life... January is Apparently a good time to write...

I've found that most creative folks are nuts on some level. Take me for example... I'm a reasonably well put together person, but I've got my own issues and a couple of times a year I feel like I've checked out of my normal self for about two weeks... only to find myself back in my old mindset a couple of weeks later.... I'm inconsistent... I'm passionate about whatever topic I've chosen to believe in...until I don't anymore. I'm a procrastinator. I don't like to commit to answers. I go back and forth on whether or not I like work...day job work... I work out and get in shape, then I get out of shape, then back in shape.

But looking at this, I've found a few patterns in my life.

1. January is a good month for me to start writing. No matter how much I've been floundering, when January hits, I'm well into a good project.

2. March-April...bad month. Check out for like two weeks here... My friends know what I'm talking about here...

3. Summer time--great... unless it gets too hot... then I'm not in a good mood...

4. Winter time... decent...unless it's raining for long periods... then I'm not in a good mood.

It's interesting that most creative people seem to have issues like this... I guess that's what makes them creative. I've often said that my Tourette's makes me have interesting stories because I'm never able to let them go. They roll over and over and over in my head, being reworked, retooled, trashed, and rebuilt, constantly. It's my thing. Am I always very happy that my characters are taking over my mind... No. Does it make the stories there in better? Yep.

So anyway.. I'm happy right now, because I can write... which is cool.



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