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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Just not Right......................

Usually when Brandon talks to me about something he read in the Clarion Ledger (Jackson Mississippi's Newspaper) I'm just like, "OK, yeah, OK... yes Brandon, you were a star at Wingfield..." but today, he told me about Jackson's Mayor Frank Melton and his very personal fight against crime.

Frank Melton, mayor of Jackson Mississippi, is redefining the role of public servant, in particular, the role of mayor. Now, Mr. Melton has decided to take on crime in Jackson, a city that has quite a problem with crime. Mr. Melton isn't trying to give the police more cars, more money, or more support... no, Frank Melton is giving them cover fire... or more appropriately, having them give cover fire to him.

Frank Melton serves warrants that don't exist...while wearing bullet proof vests... and carrying a shotgun.
Frank Melton uses a drug dog to randomly search cars at gas stations.
Frank Melton carries out "random searches" in the homes of drug dealers--even when some of the drug dealers are in jail... he does so under warrant... unfortunately for the drug dealers family, Frank Melton can't produce said warrant.

Melton claims to be certified as a police officer since 1974. When asked questions about it his response...

"I'm not getting into that," he said. "It's none of your business."

A nice quote from the article regarding one of his warrants:

The Mobile Command Unit left Melton's house in north Jackson with blue lights and sirens on and traveled to Debo's Lounge on Raymond Road on the southside. Melton got out for a moment to speak to someone inside, and the vehicle moved on to the Donelson house(one of his arch gang rivals) on Huron Street.

Melton walked up to the door. Behind him were Jackson Police Detective Marcus Wright with a submachine gun and Sgt. Bill May with a dog, and the media.

"Somebody here threatening me?" Melton shouted. "Here I am."

Melton upset the women, and their crying and wailing could be heard outside the house.

He's a first term mayor.

I'm surprised he's still in that role... well I guess I'm not really. People still jump to the defense of a certain guy in DC... who has a long list of documented lies about a war...who's spent more money than any democrat...and has created two nuclear powers that didn't exist before him... and helped get one radical nut installed as the president of one of them. And people still defend him....

So, maybe I'm not too amazed that a shotgun carrying mayor is OK with people...

All in the name of safety I guess...

Read this http://www.clarionledger.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060412/NEWS/604120354


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